All About Painless delivery – Is it the good Option for You

All pregnant females who are on the verge of motherhood have the common fear of labor pains and delivery. The fear of labor pain makes the mothers opt for an unnecessary C section and epidural delivery, which has its own cons in different aspects.

 Gynecologist in Jaipur

Women, who have the fear of pain, often opt for caesarian section, unnecessarily even when they can deliver vaginally. But, now the women can deliver without pain. This has been made possible by epidural anaesthesia which suits those patients who are unable to tolerate labour pain. Epidural anesthesia is a common method preferred by women to combat pain during delivery.

Benefit of Painless delivery

It gives an almost complete relief from pain

Helps the mother cope better with fatigue and postpartum depression

It is well suited for patients with conditions like heart diseases or preeclampsia.

Controls blood pressure For more details about Painless delivery must get appointment with Dr. Namrata Gupta one of the Best Gynecologist in Jaipur, click on this link for get more details.

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